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Articles in the Health Tips Category

Eight foods that help headaches
Wednesday, 30 May, 2012 – 5:34 | One Comment

Image: A change in diet may be in order to rid yourself of frequent headaches

Need relief? A change in diet may be in order.
There are various causes of headache, with each and every cause producing …

45 foods for a healthy heart
Monday, 9 Jan, 2012 – 8:01 | One Comment

Keeping your heart healthy is quite an uphill task these days. Try out these 45 foods to keep your heart fit.

So we told you about the kind of foods that will keep your blood pressure …

Top foods for easy digestion
Monday, 28 Mar, 2011 – 12:48 | One Comment

ShareAre you suffering from acidity, heartburn or some other digestive problem? These foods will relieve you.
With most of our meals laced with artificial ingredients, preservatives, hormones and other chemical additives, indigestion is a …

Heart – Hot Water…!
Saturday, 26 Mar, 2011 – 2:15 | No Comment

ShareHeart Attacks And Drinking Warm Water

This is a very good …

10 rules of exercising
Tuesday, 15 Feb, 2011 – 7:08 | No Comment

The importance of exercising cannot be stressed enough. But do you know that things that could go wrong if you don’t know the basic rules.
A little detail like bending your knee could make …

Arabic Sweets – Forwarded…to eat by eyes
Friday, 24 Dec, 2010 – 6:55 | One Comment

ShareForwarded……………… eat by eyes

Home Remedies for Viral Fever, Natural Treatment
Friday, 24 Dec, 2010 – 6:13 | No Comment

ShareAt the time of rainy season, an appropriate viral symptom grabs the human being. These signs incorporate irritation in the eyes, sore throat, loose motions, cough, and fever. It may disappear itself within a week …

Beware of paper cups in your pantry!
Saturday, 4 Dec, 2010 – 7:55 | No Comment


Skipping breakfast increases heart risk
Saturday, 30 Oct, 2010 – 2:38 | No Comment

ShareNo matter how busy you are, make sure to have your breakfast daily, for a study says that skipping the morning meal too often could put you at risk of developing heart disease.

Researchers …

Healthy eating: Diet mantras for working people
Friday, 15 Oct, 2010 – 3:17 | No Comment

ShareMost working people have the same complaints — no time to eat, rushed office time, long hours and inadvertent eating out leading to acidity, gas, bloating, nausea and obesity. Many woefully complain that they hardly eat and yet they …

10 ways to keep fit at home
Tuesday, 24 Aug, 2010 – 0:39 | 3 Comments

ShareMost of us know that exercise is important for losing fat and building strong bones. But attending a gym might be difficult for some people because of the tight schedule. Purchasing exercise …

Vegetarian? Here’s how to eat right
Wednesday, 30 Jun, 2010 – 9:40 | No Comment

ShareYou may have cut all the meat out of your diet, but don’t cut down on the nutrients you need in the bargain.

Image: Assorted grain is rich in sulfur-containing amino acids
Photographs: Wiki Commons
It …

1 egg + 2 mobiles = ???
Wednesday, 16 Jun, 2010 – 14:32 | No Comment

ShareA very important message to everyone, please read it carefully.
1 Egg & 2 Mobiles

65 minutes of connection between mobiles.

We assembled something as per image:

Initiated the call between the …

Some Health Tips
Saturday, 8 May, 2010 – 15:36 | No Comment

ShareAnswer the phone by LEFT ear.
Do not drink coffee TWICE a day.
Do not take pills with COOL water.
Do not have HUGE meals after 5pm.
Reduce the amount of OILY food you consume.
Drink more WATER in the …

All about weight management: What’s right for U?
Thursday, 29 Apr, 2010 – 16:15 | No Comment

ShareWhat is weight management and how do you go about it? Debjani Baidyaray speaks to an expert to give you the low-down.
We all have at some point of time or the other, …

Mouth Watering Fruits for Hale N Healthy
Sunday, 25 Apr, 2010 – 7:03 | One Comment

Click here for a fullscreen Slideshow

The many health benefits of Aloe vera
Sunday, 25 Apr, 2010 – 6:25 | One Comment

ShareIn addition to its use in skincare products, here are a few more healthcare advantages the aloe vera plant offers.

Aloe vera has the reputation of being a wonder plant with wide-ranging therapeutic …

Eating Dark Chocolates Aids In Relief Of Stress
Thursday, 8 Apr, 2010 – 15:58 | No Comment

Share‘Stress’ cannot be explained in single word as it is related to an interaction between body and the mind. It is a kind of non specific reaction to any unfavorable situations from out side. Due …

Foods to cool you down this sizzling summer
Wednesday, 7 Apr, 2010 – 1:04 | No Comment

ShareStick a fork in the stifling heat this summer by indulging in cooling foods.
As the sun bears down with ever-increasing fury and the mercury continues to soar, you know there’s no escape …

How colours stimulate your appetite
Thursday, 1 Apr, 2010 – 1:18 | No Comment

ShareEver notice how depressed you feel when you walk into a dark room that doesn’t have windows or bright colours, or how hungry you are when surrounded by red walls or red dishes? …