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Articles in the Technology Category

What’s net neutrality ?
Wednesday, 15 Apr, 2015 – 3:39 | No Comment

ShareIt is the principle that all legal Internet content must be equally accessible to all and ISPs mustn’t favour, block or slow down access to any of it.

NEW DELHI: Telecom operators, like Airtel and Vodafone, …

WhatsApp Is Now Accessible On The Web
Thursday, 22 Jan, 2015 – 5:09 | No Comment


WhatsApp Web

Today, for the first time, millions of you will have the ability to use WhatsApp on your web browser. Our web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors conversations …

The Cicret Bracelet: Like a tablet…but on your skin.
Wednesday, 17 Dec, 2014 – 6:26 | No Comment


BSNL launches Aakash tablet’s rival
Saturday, 25 Feb, 2012 – 1:32 | No Comment

ShareBSNL has launched three tablets including two 7 inch resistive screen based tabs with Android 2.3 operating system while the third tablet comes with an 8 inch capacitive touchscreen.
Made by Noida based company – Pantel, …

Earth From Orbit – by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
Thursday, 16 Feb, 2012 – 3:31 | No Comment

ShareSarychev Peak Volcano Eruption (NASA, International Space Station Science, 6/12/09) by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

Cumulonimbus Cloud Over Colombia (NASA, International Space Station, 11/22/10) by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

Ar Rub al Khali Sand Sea, …

“Blue Marble” image of the earth is NASA’s highest resolution image to date
Thursday, 16 Feb, 2012 – 2:57 | No Comment

At 8000 x 8000 pixels (full size image here), this “Blue Marble” image of the earth is NASA’s highest resolution image to date. It was composited from several pictures taken from Suomi NPP, the newest …

NASA’s superb futuristic aircraft designs
Tuesday, 7 Feb, 2012 – 3:19 | No Comment

Our ability to fly at supersonic speeds over land in civil aircraft depends on our ability to reduce the level of sonic booms. NASA has been exploring a variety of options for quieting the boom, …

Ten best gadgets of the year 2011
Monday, 2 Jan, 2012 – 4:12 | No Comment

Samsung Galaxy S II: One of the biggest competitor to Apple’s iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S II has sold more than 10 million units since its launch. Among the Galaxy S II’s features are a …

Top 5 mobile accessories
Saturday, 31 Dec, 2011 – 4:22 | No Comment

ShareA good set of accessories unleashes your phones’ potential like no other enhancement. A nice speaker, Bluetooth handsfree or car kit enable you to use your phone for tasks other than the usual.
Here are some …

BlackBerry Loses App for Gmail
Wednesday, 30 Nov, 2011 – 1:32 | No Comment

Google Inc. will stop offering its popular Gmail application for BlackBerrys later this month, delivering another blow to the device’s maker Research in Motion Ltd., which is trying to prevent defections to handsets that operate …

BMW 6-Series coupe launched in India‎
Monday, 31 Oct, 2011 – 3:25 | No Comment

ShareBMW has launched the 2012 6 Series Coupe in India. The 6-Series coupe is the hard top version of the convertible that was launched in March this year.

Market introduction with three engine variants: BMW 650i …

Tata Pixel, a cool city car concept
Saturday, 29 Oct, 2011 – 2:58 | No Comment

ShareThe Tata Pixel, with ‘Zero Turn’ drive and an innovative diamond-shaped door system, is a city car concept for Europe from Tata Motors.

Based on the Tata Nano, the Pixel – at just over three metres …

A look at 63 years of computers!
Friday, 26 Aug, 2011 – 5:07 | No Comment

ShareHistory of computers can be traced way back to 1939 when Hewlett-Packard was founded.

David Packard and Bill Hewlett found Hewlett-Packard in a Palo Alto, California garage.
Their first product was the HP 200A Audio Oscillator, which …

Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle
Friday, 12 Aug, 2011 – 5:14 | No Comment

ShareFalcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 (HTV-2), the fastest aircraft ever built is designed to fly anywhere in the world in less than 60 minutes, crashed into the Pacific Ocean, although officials said they were able …

View from world’s tallest skyscraper
Friday, 12 Aug, 2011 – 5:08 | No Comment

ShareSketches show dramatic views from a planned record-breaking 3,281-foot-tall tower.
At over 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) and a total construction area of 530,000 square meters (5.7 million square feet), Kingdom Tower will be the centerpiece and …

The sexiest bikes on Indian roads
Monday, 28 Mar, 2011 – 12:39 | No Comment

ShareBikes — the best companion of the young generation! The most apt thing to ride on a busy Indian road ‘festooned’ with craters and holes, a road overloaded with four wheelers occupying …

The Yacht – Mukesh Ambani
Monday, 28 Mar, 2011 – 12:02 | One Comment



A famous French shipbuilder ship company and one from Monaco joined hands together to build …

Amazing Mechanisms
Saturday, 26 Mar, 2011 – 3:23 | One Comment

Amazing Mechanisms

Complicated Mechanisms Explained in simple animations
Radial Engines
Radial engines are used in aircrafts having propeller connected to the shaft delivering power in order to produce thrust its basic mechanism is as follows

Steam …

Rolls-Royce Apparition
Tuesday, 15 Feb, 2011 – 8:08 | No Comment

ShareThis stunning concept called Rolls-Royce Apparition was created by Jeremy Westerlund from Dallas. He designed it as an independent project while studying at the Art Center of the School of Design. The car …

The World’s Biggest Construction Vehicles
Tuesday, 15 Feb, 2011 – 7:41 | No Comment

ShareWe usually focus on the amazing results of extraordinary construction projects on our blog, but those spectacular creations don’t build themselves. It’s time to pay the proper respect to some of the …