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12 Great Motivational Quotes for 2014
Wednesday, 15 May, 2013 – 4:55 | One Comment

ShareThis set of inspirational thoughts for the new year will galvanize you into action.

At the start of every year, I create a list of quotes to guide and inspire me for the next 12 months.

Here …

Interesting Fact about 9
Monday, 19 Nov, 2012 – 13:50 | No Comment


English – Tamil – மொழிப்பெயர்ப்பும் கலைச்சொல்லாக்கமும்
Saturday, 21 Apr, 2012 – 10:21 | No Comment

Shareமொழிப்பெயர்ப்பும் கலைச்சொல்லாக்கமும்
No: English Terms கலைச்சொல்லாக்கம்
1. Access அணுக்கம்
2. Accuracy துல்லியம்
3. Action செயல்
4. Activate இயக்கு
5. Active cell இயங்கு கலன்
6. Active file நடப்புக் கோப்பு
7. Activity செயல்பாடு
8. Adapter card பொருத்து அட்டை
9. Adaptor பொருத்தி
10. Address முகவரி
11. Address bus முகவரி பாட்டை
12. …

World Sparrow Day – March 20
Saturday, 21 Apr, 2012 – 3:18 | No Comment

ShareMarch 20 is World Sparrow Day. Why a red-letter day in honor of a bird? Look around – the once-common sparrows are now harder to see. And it’s not just in your neighborhood but the …

Water Statistics: For Food Production
Saturday, 24 Mar, 2012 – 2:32 | No Comment

ShareWorld Water Day celebrates its 19th edition on March 22 and will be themed around water and food security.
At a time when drought, food and water scarcity are devastating parts of the world — particularly …

“Blue Marble” image of the earth is NASA’s highest resolution image to date
Thursday, 16 Feb, 2012 – 2:57 | No Comment

At 8000 x 8000 pixels (full size image here), this “Blue Marble” image of the earth is NASA’s highest resolution image to date. It was composited from several pictures taken from Suomi NPP, the newest …

10 gms of gold price history for the last 86 years
Thursday, 16 Feb, 2012 – 2:50 | No Comment


Power of Tamil
Thursday, 16 Feb, 2012 – 2:48 | No Comment


Tamilnadu Famous Madurai Alanganallur – Jallikattu as a part of Pongal celebrations
Wednesday, 25 Jan, 2012 – 1:30 | No Comment


Source  :Srinivas – Chennai

Did you Know ?
Friday, 6 Jan, 2012 – 6:19 | No Comment


A Boeing 707 uses four thousand gallons of fuel in its take-off climb.
The planet Saturn has a density lower than water. So, if placed in water it would float.
Since 1959, more than 6,000 pieces of …

2011 Discoveries
Monday, 2 Jan, 2012 – 5:26 | No Comment

Share2011 was a busy year for scientists: new planets, new types of animals, and even a speedy subatomic particle were all discovered this year. And underseas, divers found one of the richest bonanzas yet.

Source : …

Nations with highest gold reserves
Saturday, 31 Dec, 2011 – 4:59 | No Comment

Gold has traditionally been the most popular precious investment in India. Indian investors buy gold to hedge market losses.
Gold prices in India have been escalating very fast of late and in the last week of …

The world’s 25 biggest power plants
Saturday, 31 Dec, 2011 – 4:48 | No Comment

Image: A rotor of a generator is installed at the Three Gorges Dam in Yichang, Hubei province.
The United States, China and Japan are the world’s largest producers of electricity. India has the fifth largest electricity-generation …

This is the costliest hotel ever built in India! Will it make money?
Saturday, 31 Dec, 2011 – 4:34 | No Comment

Two massive elephants moulded out of limestone dust hold the glass roof of the portico supported by brass and wood.
A cream Rolls Royce waits for its custom. Highlanders in black Nepali cap, black trousers and …

Typical Overloaded Bikes On A City Street In China
Saturday, 31 Dec, 2011 – 4:06 | No Comment

ShareIn China, bikes are everywhere! In cities too large and congested to get everything where it needs to go in transit vans or HGVs, bikes are the main means of transport. From tires to rubbish, …

What kind of sleeper are you?
Saturday, 31 Dec, 2011 – 3:48 | No Comment



10 Products Discovered By Accident
Saturday, 29 Oct, 2011 – 3:30 | No Comment

ShareSometimes, accidents can be a good thing. Everything on this list was either invented for a different purpose or happened because someone made a mistake. Once they were discovered, we can’t imagine life without them …

Interesting Facts On Space
Tuesday, 30 Aug, 2011 – 3:46 | No Comment


It snows in the upper atmosphere of Mars but vaporizes before reaching the ground.
There was a time when Mars had large amounts of surface water. Proof of this facts have been fund on certain valleys …

RARE Photos : Old Mumbai – Mumbai’s infrastructure since 1864!
Friday, 26 Aug, 2011 – 5:24 | One Comment

ShareMumbai, formerly called Bombay, is India’s financial powerhouse. It is also home to close to 2.10 crore (21 million) people, making it the most populous city in the country.
The city has the highest GDP among …

A look at 63 years of computers!
Friday, 26 Aug, 2011 – 5:07 | No Comment

ShareHistory of computers can be traced way back to 1939 when Hewlett-Packard was founded.

David Packard and Bill Hewlett found Hewlett-Packard in a Palo Alto, California garage.
Their first product was the HP 200A Audio Oscillator, which …