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Articles tagged with: India

This is the costliest hotel ever built in India! Will it make money?
Saturday, 31 Dec, 2011 – 4:34 | No Comment

Two massive elephants moulded out of limestone dust hold the glass roof of the portico supported by brass and wood.
A cream Rolls Royce waits for its custom. Highlanders in black Nepali cap, black trousers and …

BMW 6-Series coupe launched in India‎
Monday, 31 Oct, 2011 – 3:25 | No Comment

ShareBMW has launched the 2012 6 Series Coupe in India. The 6-Series coupe is the hard top version of the convertible that was launched in March this year.

Market introduction with three engine variants: BMW 650i …

Nations with the largest gold reserves: India at 11
Saturday, 20 Aug, 2011 – 4:37 | No Comment

ShareIndia owns over 18,000 tonnes of above ground gold stocks worth approximately $800 billion and representing at least 11 per cent of global stock, according to estimates of World Gold Council.
This is equivalent to nearly …

10 great new cars coming to India!
Tuesday, 14 Sep, 2010 – 11:28 | One Comment

ShareIndia is the world’s second-fastest growing auto market after China. And this claim is further borne out by the fact that Indian automobile majors registered the highest-ever monthly sales in August 2010.
With …

By 2015, these 7 nations will have most Internet users
Tuesday, 14 Sep, 2010 – 11:18 | No Comment

ShareIndia will see its number of Internet users triple to 237 million from the current 81 million by 2015, according to a report.

In a study titled Internet’s New Billion, the Boston Consulting Group has …

10-point plan for India to be an economic superpower
Tuesday, 24 Aug, 2010 – 1:31 | No Comment

ShareIndia is considered an emerging economic superpower. The Indian economy, which has weathered global economic crises better than most other countries, continues to boom.

Image: A dancer performs at the rear of the historic …

30 best distance education institutes in India
Tuesday, 24 Aug, 2010 – 0:59 | One Comment

ShareThe first ever objective ranking of 30 select institutions based on quantitative and qualitative parameters, guidelines for students, unique courses, analysis and more.

87,86,732 students are registered in 114 distance learning institutes …

It Happens only in India
Sunday, 1 Aug, 2010 – 12:14 | No Comment


Source : Ravikumar – Singapore

Five cheapest Cars in India
Monday, 29 Mar, 2010 – 8:28 | One Comment

ShareIndian carmaker Tata Motors gave the world its cheapest car in the form of Nano. This has become a benchmark for other carmakers who are now trying to come up with a rival …

Income Tax Department of India – Fake Website – Be aware !!!
Monday, 15 Mar, 2010 – 2:10 | One Comment

ShareI would like to share some information about e-Tax Refund.
Yesterday,  I could find an email in my inbox from Income Tax Department of India – Tax Refund. I was just surprised to see this email …

Our India – Uncut ! Undivided ! Undiminished
Saturday, 19 Dec, 2009 – 13:47 | No Comment

Indivisible India!

1.2 Billion People, 1 Soul

No More Divide & Rule

Indivisible, Indestructible, Inseperable
So many issues to fight and we choose to fight over language

Source :